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First hand support from a leading light in the naturopathic nutritional field.

Fancy being mentored by one of our industry’s renowned Nutritional Therapists? Nutrigold’s unique Practitioner Mentoring Scheme allows you to become part of our naturopathic club, enjoying valuable open access to the formidable, combined knowledge of the whole Nutrigold Nutrition Team.

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When evaluating food supplements, always remember the most expensive food supplement you have ever taken is the one that didn't work!

This exclusive, FREE scheme enables you to submit up to three patient cases (maintaining client confidentiality at all times please) to the new Nutrigold online practitioner-only forum. These can be cases that you would like some support with or maybe just some suggestions and a fresh naturopathic nutrition approach. If your cases are selected, one of our highly experienced naturopathic nutritional therapists will work alongside you, demonstrating some of the more traditional techniques and bioavailable nutritional supplements that we employ to obtain optimum health benefits. This will help you to develop the inner confidence that comes with possessing a deeper understanding of the most cost effective way to support patient cases from your clinic. You will receive apersonalised naturopathic nutrition programme addressing lifestyle, diet, exercise and relevant supplementation for each of your patient cases. We will even let you select one of the most deserving cases you have submitted to receive their first month’s Nutrigold supplementary regime FREE of charge!*

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Fancy a second opinion or guidance in your health practice?

Often as complementary health practitioners we tend to work alone, and from multiple venues, which can often deny us the opportunity to build relationships with fellow practitioners. Who can we turn to for a second opinion on difficult patient cases?

Well help could be at hand. Apply today for one of the limited, highly coveted places available on our new Practitioner Mentoring Scheme for bespoke support of up to three patient cases. Applications are open to any complementary health professional, no matter what discipline you specialise in.

Once again, the Nutrigold Nutritional Team set a new industry standard for practitioner education and support with the long awaited launch of our new Practitioner Mentoring Scheme.

Our industry renowned practitioner support service

At Nutrigold we pride ourselves on always striving to go one step further in supporting our ever changing practitioner’s needs. We already offer the unrivalled, truly naturopathically minded, free clinical Updates Service.

If you are not enrolled, visit today at, it’s a must for all practitioners. This service includes some of the profession’s leading scientifically referenced newsletters, covering many different health conditions, and nutritional information totally free of charge to your desktop. It also keeps you up-to-date with all the latest nutritional breakthroughs, our responses to recent media coverage, A-Z of illnesses plus all the latest on practitioner registrations and industry regulations. This service also offers over fifty pre-recorded hours of our industry renowned, premium quality CPD Accredited webinars plus so much more. Enrol today to learn more.

At Nutrigold we are passionate about encouraging and championing CAM practitioners. The Nutrigold Practitioner Mentoring Scheme is a unique service that enables you to directly tap into a wealth of naturopathic nutritional knowledge and advance your clinical practice.

To enrol, learn more or to submit your case histories, please contact the Nutrigold Customer Care Team on 0845 603 5675 and start to experience the Nutrigold difference for yourself...

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