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This is Nutrigold's brand name for citrate minerals. Citrates are natural, organic minerals that are generally acknowledged to be one of the highest absorbed forms of mineral supplementation. These have been used safely by complementary practitioners for many years and are one of the few mineral forms that are backed by many high quality, scientific research papers. Citrates are a very popular mineral source because they have a low toxicity and are readily absorbed by the body's natural processes. They are one of the few forms of mineral supplementation to be approved by the new EU Positive listing for food supplements.
This is a term we use to convey the message that the products you buy with this term will be made from some of the highest quality, biologically active nutrients available in today's health market.
A unique range of carefully balanced nutritional formulae, which have been designed to support nutritional practitioners by delivering a broad spectrum of natural, bioactive supplementation in one cost effective, easy to take product. For flexibility we have developed several such formulae. These now form the basis of nearly every nutritional regime we recommend.
Batch Number
A unique combination of numbers and/or letters which specifically identify a batch or lot and from which the production and distribution history can be determined.
The efficiency with which any dietary nutrient is used in the body.
Elemental Weight
The weight of the active element of the capsule ie Magnesium Citrizorb® 625mg of which the elemental weight of magnesium present is 100mg.
Essential Amino Acids
The group of polyunsaturated fatty acids required in the human diet.
A more or less inert substance added in a capsule or tablet as a dilutent or vehicle, or to give form or consistency i.e. microcrystalline cellulose. Nutrigold actively looks to reduce, and where possible, eliminate the use of excipients.
Good Manufacturing Process. This means the product has been manufactured in a facility that is bound by the Good Manufacturing procedures, a well recognised high quality industry standard.
Gross Weight
The total weight of ingredient not the active element of the ingredient (see elemental weight).
This a term that describes a certification program to judge the companies overall competence. Many of the leading manufactures use this process to manage their daily business processes.
Identity Protected (IP)
An auditable trail of testing from source to end product to identify that a product has not become contaminated i.e. Genetically
Modified ingredients.
International Units (iu)
A unit of potency usually applied to vitamins which vary from vitamin to vitamin and the form of a vitamin. IU can be converted
to mcg and mg values.
Microgram (mcg or ?g)
A unit of weight 1000mcg/?g = 1 mg.
Milligram (mg)
A unit of weight 1000 mg = I gram.
Retinol equivalents in mcg, a unit of potency used to compare equivalent forms of Vitamin A.
Recommended Daily Allowance, an adequate intake of all nutrients is essential for health and activity in addition to growth, pregnancy, lactation and stress, such as infection. To compensate for variable factors such as age, sex, height, metabolic rate, RDAs have been set for many essential nutrients and provide criteria for a minimal level of food provision and nutritional security. The RDA levels therefore set the minimum levels you need to stay healthy and have no connection with the optimum or upper safety levels. It is not unusual for a practitioner to recommend many times the RDA in a nutritional regime. The RDA levels stated in this catalogue have been sourced from the Health Food Manufactures' Association (HFMA) and were correct at the time this catalogue was produced.
This indicates the official Reference Nutrient Intake levels, which are quite different to the more normally referred to RDA levels. Nutrigold value our environment and use recycled materials where ever possible.