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Who are Nutrigold?

Nutrigold was founded in 1999 by naturopaths, with an extensive research and clinical background in the complementary health field, with the objective of serving the needs of fellow practitioners and their clients. After many years of intense development, our unique range of products and services have helped us achieve a well-deserved reputation as one the country’s leading suppliers to the UK's Complementary Practitioner Health Market. During this time we have compiled an extensive level of scientific research to ensure our customers understand the best way to achieve the optimum effects from our formulations which are delivered in a safe, responsible manner. Of particular note are our Bioactive Vitamins and bioavailable Citrizorb® Minerals. Our extensive research and customer feedback continues to support their excellent utilisation and benefits.

Whilst we remain wedded to the statement attributed to  Hippocrates  “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” we also understand that food may not be enough to ensure you maintain and achieve your optimal well being and supportive supplements may be required. Leaning on a mixture of naturopathic principles and philosophy, and supported by contemporary research we have developed, and continue to develop safe and effective food supplements to help you, your clients and family be the very best they can.

In the summer of 2002, Harvard Medical School scientists, Dr’s Kathleen Fairfield and Robert Fletcher, reviewed the data and concluded that all North Americans should be taking a multi-nutrient supplement as a preventative measure.[1] They published their findings and the recommendation to take a multi-nutrient supplement in the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association. No such study has been conducted in the UK but eating patterns and lifestyles are very similar.

They concluded:

Some groups of patients are at higher risk for vitamin deficiency and suboptimal vitamin status. Many physicians may be unaware of common food sources of vitamins or unsure which vitamins they should recommend for their patients. Vitamin excess is possible with supplementation, particularly for fat-soluble vitamins. Inadequate intake of several vitamins has been linked to chronic diseases, including coronary heart disease, cancer, and osteoporosis.

This report followed a paper in the New England Journal of Medicine that also suggests the relative low cost of regular multi-nutrient supplement consumption is a valuable preventative health measure.[2] In another recent survey looking at lifestyle strategies employed by the medical profession, 72% of physicians and 89% of nurses questioned used dietary supplements regularly, occasionally, or seasonally.[3]

Science and well respected researchers understand that a nutrient gap between what s needed by your body and that which is supplied by your food, exists, and whilst we agree that food selection is the first place to adjust this, we also understand that food production, food choice and time can make this a real challenge. Nutrigold strives to be more than just a supplement supplier, we focus on education and the building of relationships.

We understand that we are more than biochemistry:

Your family, friends, clients and colleagues are part of the vital social and emotional connection network that surrounds you and helps define you as well as mediating your health.

Three key social components are known to support positive health outcomes.

  1. Intimate Connectedness: Comes from having someone in your life you feel affirms who you are.
  2. Relational Connectedness: Comes from having face-to-face contacts that are mutually rewarding.
  3. Collective Connectedness: Comes from feeling that you're part of a group or collective beyond individual existence.

We at Nutrigold are proud to be considered part of your personal support team, and thank you for choosing us and trusting, us, our products and our vision with your health and that of others you recommend us to - its an honour to be valued as such.

We evolved from the notion that health is a precious commodity, requiring continuous attention. We hold dear to our planning and product development the respectful preservation of ancient naturopathic traditions and the appropriate and sensitive introduction of innovative science defined ingredients. We are consciously guided by the concepts, philosophy and skills of the many generations of healers, naturopaths, practitioners, carers, scientists and clinicians that have or continue to contribute their knowledge to improve human health and well-being. That is our 'collective connectiveness' and we thank you for being part of it.

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